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Care packages that make sure your website/s are running smooth at all times.

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Budget: $

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Everything we offer, and what it means

Off-Site Backups

Depending on your package, your website will be stored on our secure servers so if anything goes wrong we can restore it from anytime.

SEO Monitoring

Did you know you can hide a body on the second page of Google? If you don't have consistent ranking, no one will be able to find you! We give you up to date reports anytime you need.

Consistent Updates

Consistent updates on plugins and themes. Don't let your site become old and vulnerable quickly.

Uptime Monitoring

Get a message anytime your website goes down instantly. As well as have our support to make sure it gets back up online!

Security Scans

WordPress is powerful! But beware hackers who love to target those with no security monitoring. We can keep out intruders and deceivers at all times.

Performance Checks

Always know when your website is acting a little slow. We check your speeds from multiple data locations to make sure all your customers have a good and fast experience.